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Alexander McNabb

Pat made bombs for the IRA twenty years ago. He doesn't want to do it again today.

Former IRA bomb-maker Pat O'Carolan has been a farmer these past twenty years, living on a remote smallholding with his ghosts and occasional visits from the niece he dotes on. When he's forced by Somali terrorist turned extortionist The Accountant to make a series of bombs from materials stolen from old IRA caches, Pat joins the War on Terror as only he knows how. 

New terror meets old in a deadly clash with only one winner.


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"The plot is complex. You must pay attention. You will reap a lot of enjoyment if you do. This is a great story... I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Most readers will jump on the thrill train and get the ride of their lives. In this genre, who could ask for anything more?"

"A Decent Bomber is a thrilling action-packed novel that chills readers to their core. With torture descriptions and draped heavily in death, this novel is not for the unseasoned reader."

The Coffee Pot Review

"This is a most intriguing book, it calls to question a variety of things that I had never really considered before... The storyline is tight, fast and will keep you gripped. It is intelligent, there is no simple “terrorism is bad” message."

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