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Alexander McNabb

Jason Hartmoor is dying of cancer. But will his past kill him first?

After a lifetime of service around the Middle East, retired diplomat Jason Hartmoor is dying of cancer. He embarks on a last journey back to Lebanon where he studied Arabic as a young man at the Middle East Centre for Arabic Studies, the infamous 'British spy school' in the village of Shemlan far up in the hills overlooking Beirut. 

Jason wants to rediscover the love he lost when the civil war forced him to flee Lebanon. Instead his past catches up with him with such speed and violence, it threatens to kill him before the disease does. The only man who can keep him alive long enough to face that past is maverick SIS man Gerald Lynch.




Reviews of Shemlan - A Deadly Tragedy


A rousing finale to a regional thrillogy... “Shemlan” is a fast-paced and engaging read.

The Daily Star

So compelling, so clever. Right up there with the best of the thriller writers... you can't stop turning the pages.

Talking of Books

Shemlan: A Deadly Tragedy is packed with adventure, action, nostalgia, and, for those who knew Lebanon during its 1975-1990 civil war, reminders of how the past comes back to haunt, or kill, survivors.

The Huffington Post

When McNabb includes words like “violent” and “deadly” in the title of his books, take it as a warning. McNabb crafts a masterful spy novel full of twists and turns, really bad bad guys and questionably good good guys. If you thought the spy novel died with the end of the Cold War, take heart and pick up these novels.

A wild journey that will immerse readers in the cultures and world of the Middle East. While death is ever-present, there are many surprises along the way - and readers will find Shemlan a satisfyingly vivid thriller that holds many unpredictable moments throughout.

The Midwest Book Review

A clever, suspenseful and action-filled story... The pace is kept while you’re taken on an action packed political adventure filled with intrigue. A highly recommended read.

Ajoobacats Blog